Live Band

Mixed Feelings Live BandYour event – whether it be a Corporate Event, Wedding, Birthday Party or Charity Fundraiser, will be dramatically & visually enhanced with a Live Band providing real Live Music.
Live music is an important ingredient for any party or event. Mixed Feelings have been committed to providing a professional and entertaining show for corporate and private clients throughout the UK and Europe for the past 45 plus years.

Mixed Feelings come as standard as an x 8 band, with 4 live musicians and 4 live singers.
Consisting of drums, bass, guitar and keyboards. No laptops can be seen on stage. You are guaranteed a real live music experience at hi-fidelity quality!

Some private clients and corporate companies do prefer a DJ due to budget and stage size.
Having a Discotheque at your event is a good crowd pleaser as the DJ can provide 1000s of songs to get the dance floor rocking. However, a well-rehearsed, experienced and visually brilliant, professional live band will go a lot further in pleasing your guests with a direct interaction with the band. Plus, it is useful to know that Mixed Feelings can also provide a DJ to supplement their show.
Mixed Feelings will guarantee to get the party started with a superb choice of live music from all genres.
You will experience a non-stop party! Plan your event now and ‘Prepare to Party’