Christmas Bash – or Bosch

The mighty power tool company – Bosch, decided to hold their Christmas Party in a lovely little hotel in Dunchurch.
After a fabulous party, and one hell of a knees up last year, Bosch UK decided to book back the amazing party band Mixed Feelings.

As always, a fantastic gig, and an amazing production supplied by Neil Skidmore of JSO. A fantastic eye for detail, and the venue looked amazing.
A mirrored dance floor at the centre of the room, and wonderful Christmas trees certainly made the venue very festive and fun.

Obviously at this time of year, Mixed Feelings deliver the obvious choices of music, and a few little Christmas numbers wouldn’t go a miss.
Mixed Feelings have found that finishing with the good old classic ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ – Shakin Stevens, really does go down a bomb.
A classic Christmas Song and a fantastic gig for Bosch UK.
Mixed Feelings would like to wish Bosch and all of our clients, a very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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