Party Band At The Wembley Hilton

Since 2010, Mixed Feelings have been performing for the happy crowd of the BHBIA.
The band doesn’t do the event consecutively; however this was the 6th time in which Mixed Feelings were asked to come back and create a good party once again.
The BHBIA spend all day in a conference working on, and discussing logistics and tactics, and they are certainly ready to party in the evening.

A good live party band is what is needed to keep people on the dance floor, as there are other options where the crowd can go to, to relax and drink if they don’t want to boogie.
With a lot of Corporate Events, a live band where the singers and musicians interact with the audience, will keep people on the dance floor in order to maintain that excellent party atmosphere.
People need a visualizing experience as well as just music to dance, to keep them entertained.

Mixed Feelings are very well experienced in all types of events such as Corporate, Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries and even the Jewish Market.
Each event is individually different, and having an experienced party band to entertain your audience and friends, really does make a difference.

Prepare To Party!

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