Wedding Band For Jewish Events

It was so good to be back at The Langham Hilton, London doing what we love.

After a year away from the venue, Mixed Feelings were back on top once again.
A wonderful Jewish Wedding Celebration Party with all the traditional music and of course, the party music.
Mixed Feelings do enjoy playing and performing at these events, as it is rather prestigious working at posh hotels in the West End of London which makes the atmosphere electric.
The client booked the band 10 years ago for her elder daughter’s Wedding Party, and now, Mixed Feelings were booked for her younger daughter’s Wedding.

Once again, in the Ball Room of this beautiful hotel, the party was in full swing.
Mixed Feelings can boast to be one of the UK’s most successful Wedding Bands, having played at thousands of events across Britain and Europe, which also include Jewish Weddings and Events, Corporate Events, Private Parties and English Weddings

Each and every individual Wedding Party is unique in its own separate way, and no two Weddings are the same.
This is where Mixed Feelings can adapt and reach the demands to make each wedding, a very personal affair.
From the opening dance, to the style of music played throughout the evening, ending songs and of course costumes, Mixed Feelings always satisfy the client.
If you are wanting a highly experienced Wedding Band, or Party Band to play at your Wedding or event, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Prepare To Party!

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