We Love A Good Party

One of the best things being in a Party Band is that we love a good party as much as your crowd and audience do.
A Happy Band is a Good Band, and to get good feed back from the audience really does boost our energy levels and determination!
How amazing it must have been for Freddie Mercury and Queen performing Radio Ga Ga live at Wembley back in 86, with several thousand people placing their hands in the air, doing the famous clap. They must have been so overwhelmed with joy and delight.
That’s what we try to achieve every gig. We want the audience to be part of the band, and the band wants to be involved with the audience.
Our aim is to get people on the floor as soon as possible, and to keep them there.
Obviously, things can get a little difficult if there is an adjacent room with an open bar, casino tables and a DJ etc. But MIXED FEELINGS have never failed to keep a floor bopping.

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