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In 2016, Mixed Feelings went under a drastic change.
Times were changing and the band needed to keep up with the modern look and sounds of this day and age.
On a recent gig, the band were advertised as the old and the new version.
It was a lovely experience to welcome back the older members who had left at the end of 2015, and also some of the original and founder members of Mixed Feelings from the 1970’s.
From a Function Band to a Show Band, Mixed Feelings has now become a hugely popular Modern Day Party Band.
There was a great choice of music being played as the original members performed a fantastic set, then followed by the new look Mixed Feelings who belted out an awesome show to really set the dance floor on fire.
With a highly mixed audience the evening was an absolute success, pleasing everybody by producing and performing such a wide selection and different styles of music.
Both bands played a tribute to each other, and it was so nice to experience such a thing.
Big respect all round.

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