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For over 9 years now, MIXED FEELINGS have had the privilege to play for the LAFD (London Association Of Funereal Directors). As you can imagine, there are a few comments made by people who find out about this gig on social networking sites. Jokingly, we get asked, “What’s your opening song – Going Underground?” or, “What’s the crowd like – Dead Boring?” Here at MIXED FEELINGS, we can honestly say that they really are a great crowd, and we do enjoy playing for them.

This year, the event was held at the Lancaster Hotel, Lancaster Gate, London. This is also a venue that MIXED FEELINGS have played at for over 30 years now. The staff are very helpful and efficient, and access to the room is rather straightforward.

Entertaining the LAFD is a fantastic opportunity for the band to get to play some slower type numbers, as the audience are a majority of couples. MIXED FEELINGS like to keep the crowd guessing with what is coming next, and every year the band do this, positive feedback is always received. The aim is to please the crowd, so no one is disappointed. Starting off with some old 70’s Disco classics, then slowing it down, speeding up with more modern tunes, and then finishing for the half time break on a few more slowies, really does please the audience at the LAFD. Once again, another great gig, great party, and we look forward to entertaining them again next year.

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