Summer Madness

One thing about having such glorious sunshine on the day of your event is that the drinks reception held outside on the lawn will no doubt run over time.
The crew arrived at the Tythe Barn in Guilford at 2.30pm, to start installing all the equipment and the lighting show, which the client so desperately wanted.
The band were under orders to be set and sound checked by 6.30pm as the guest arrival for the drinks reception was held outside at 7.30pm.
Then it was guests to sit down for dinner at 8.30pm, followed by speeches, and the band to start the entertainment at 10.30pm.
This wasn’t the case……..

Due to a lovely summers evening, the reception started at the correct time and the champagne was seriously flowing as well as the pimms.
The guests were enjoying themselves so much and getting merry, that they didn’t come in and sit down until 9.50pm.
After a 3 course meal and speeches, the band finally got on stage at 11.40pm and had no choice other than to do 1 straight set through till 1.10am followed by our resident DJ to continue the dancing until two in the morning.
The client originally wanted the order of Band Disco Band Disco, but on this bizarre situation, the champagne and Sunshine was to blame.

The gig went well and the crowd were excellent!
It was just a shame the Band and Disco couldn’t do more, as the client requested so many songs to dance to.
‘Sweet Child O Mine’ was played at the very end as the delighted guests staggered towards their party Double Decker Bus, and drove off in to night singing!

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