The Summer Ball Band

Mixed Feelings are very familiar with School PTA Balls, or School Summer Parties as they are
more known now these days.
The band has played at many school balls all over the UK, and this most recent one was the
band’s first.
Chigwell School booked the band to play next door on the grounds of The Chigwell
Metropolitan Police Sports & Social Club inside a very impressive marquee.
Working alongside a professional Production Company, the band got off to a good start,
with nice production and a fantastic lightshow.
Mixed Feelings played a wide variety of songs and music to make sure all ages were
covered, with school leavers, parents and teachers all in attendance.
With the band having to finish earlier than the contracted time due to the venues license,
the bands resident DJ continued the party with a great selection of typical ‘Ending Tunes’ to
ensure the dance floor stayed full.
With Mixed Feelings, the DJ is always included in the price, so there is no need to hire a
separate DJ for your next event.
Prepare To Party!

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