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Stage-WearMIXED FEELINGS had a recent enquiry asking if the band are willing to dress up fancy dress style – of course we can.

As you can see from the picture above (which was designed by one of the band’s singer’s as an idea), a Superheroes theme was suggested in aid of a children’s charity. Not only are MIXED FEELINGS willing to dress up to suit the theme or the atmosphere for a fancy dress party, but are also willing to dress on request to a more formal approach.

Brides & Grooms have their dream wedding day, and often like a white wedding. The band can dress in all white stage wear and also provide a white stage and white drapes. Black & gold is also another popular colour scheme, and that style does look good on stage.

Whatever your desires may be, feel free to ask when booking the band on how you would like the band to dress. If you would rather leave it to the band, it’s always nice to get a surprise. MIXED FEELINGS dress differently for certain gigs to suit all occasions.

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