Smooth As Silk

One thing that MIXED FEELINGS can boast is the severe quality of the team.
With our top class musicians, and awesome singers, the music just flows naturally.
At least every 12 months, the band likes to change their set to keep up with the times, and to not do a repeat show on a returning gig.
“When do you rehearse?” we get asked. “We Don’t”
MIXED FEELINGS simply get to a gig nice and early to sound check, and have a run through of new material.
The Band decided to have a complete overhaul of the opening part of the show, and put together a fantastic disco opener.
The boys and girls do their homework to learn their parts, and then have a run through during sound check.
It couldn’t be any easier, and it runs so smoothly.
In just one take, with no mistakes, the show was learnt and written in stone.
Of course, the guys correspond with each other via text messages and emails to discuss the music and their individual parts before hand, and then it’s on with the show.

With an atmosphere of happiness and delight, the band had 4 hours to kill before going back on stage to entertain the audience after all the proceedings took place.
Discussing the run through of what just took place, a few minor tweaks were made here and there and all was made brilliant, if not, even better!
Sitting in the Greenroom, the band could not wait to get on and perform.
Eventually, the time came and the guys took to the stage.
The opening show was just amazing and the energy levels were just through the roof.
Over 300 people rushed to the dance floor where they remained all night.
It truly was a fantastic night.
We can’t wait to perform for you.

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