As a Top Musical Act, we often get asked, “How often do you guys rehearse?”
We don’t………….really.

The band will always get together when learning a new set to be incorporated into the show, but other than that we don’t.
MIXED FEELINGS can literately ‘Blow their own Trumpet’ when it comes to the musicians and singers in the band.
We have some very unique members, and all songs are performed on a like to like basis. Being busy and working together a lot always helps a good musical band.
The show was well rehearsed in the beginning, and the more events we play, the tighter it gets.

We like to change our show at least once a year, so our returning clients and customers get something new each time.
So at that particular time of year, the band will get together and learn a brand new show over the course of 7 – 9 hours.

We have many different musical sets and they don’t always get played in a certain order.
We can chop and change the music to suit the crowd and keep people on the dance floor all night long.

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