Party (Band) In Style

MIXED FEELINGS were told that this event would only go ahead if the band were available.
No Band – No Party!
No MIXED FEELINGS – No Other Band Will Do
On arrival, set in the pleasant countryside of Berkshire, the crew were greeted by an ever so helpful caretaker to this old and attractive Manor House, where the band were asked to perform in the Banqueting Barn.

The story behind this 50th Birthday Party, was that the client saw MIXED FEELINGS at an event last summer, and decided to throw his wife a surprise party, only if MIXED FEELINGS were available.
If the band were already booked, a simple meal out would have been the done thing!
The Birthday girl finally arrived and was greeted by her guests, where she noticed in the background, a stage set up with drums, keys and guitars and lighting.
‘Oh my”, she said, “that’s not that same band we saw last year was it”
Talk about excited, the band eventually took to the stage and not one person was left sitting down at a table, or helping to prop the bar up.
It was a very hot and packed dance floor, and everyone there had a great time.
MIXED FEELINGS do love a good party and like to be amongst all the fun and excitement.
Once again, thank you for booking MIXED FEELINGS Party Band and we do hope to see you at an event soon.

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