Our Local……

Ok, it isn’t really our local pub, nor place, but we love to gig at it on certain occasions.
MIXED FEELINGS have musicians scattered around, all about the London area and beyond.
The midweek gig we done, was for our good friend and biggest fan, ‘Justin’ who just invites us in to have a Jam at his pub.
Many a time, we have done this place, it has been a sold out event.
For a midweek event, you couldn’t wish for a better crowd.
We just happened to Rock Up for a party, but it was a truly amazing party!
No Stage Wear, no order, no nothing.
Just a chance to gig to our friends and have a good party, and practically stay up all night.
We only do this gig a couple of times a year, and it is great fun!!
Can’t wait till the next time.

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