Oman (Oh Man)

For October time, Oman still has to be one of the hottest countries we have played in.
MIXED FEELINGS are very accustomed to traveling abroad, to perform an amazing show for our foreign friends.
We have been around the world quite a bit, made some fantastic friends, seen some great sites and enjoyed some fabulous gigs.
Oman is still a big favorite of ours. We shared the stage with Alexander O’ Neal, a Michael Jackson impersonator and DJ Lizenbak.
Sound check was a difficult task to contend with, having the noonday sun beating down on you, with an open-air stage without a roof!
The cymbals on the drum kit were so hot, gloves had to be worn to adjust them.
Even the keyboard player had trouble playing the notes in that heat, however all was fine in the end, the sun went down (so did the temperature), the moon came up, and MIXED FEELINGS gave a fantastic performance to 2000 locals

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