Wedding Day Celebrations

Over the years, (and there is a lot of years) Mixed Feelings have had the privilege to perform at many a Wedding Day Celebration.

Wedding Day Celebrations are completely different from any corporate event, as there is always a personal touch involved, created entirely for the Bride & Groom.

Mixed Feelings have seen and experienced some of the highly bespoke Weddings, and witnessed that personal touch.

From the top Westend hotels, prestigious venues around the UK, and often the world, it is amazing what can be created to make the day a very special one.

The band only recently enjoyed a fabulous Wedding, out in the sticks in the beautiful countryside of Newton Linford, Leicestershire.

With a fantastic marquee, in a desirable location, Mixed Feelings had a great time entertaining everyone.

The marquee itself was a very luxurious one, and it even had a decking patio!

Inside the tent was amazing – The stage area was completely star clothed, giving of a party vibe.

It also had a gin bar, bottle bar and lovely white carpets. ( Not so lovely after the party finished)

Mixed Feelings are looking forward to the next Wedding Day Party, and can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Prepare To Party!

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