Marquee in Maulden

Last night we enjoyed a fabulous gig in Maulden Village, Beds. A charity event held in a super marquee with over 200 guests.
We worked with a cracking duo during dinner, and it was so nice to be invited back to this event for the 5th year running.
The evening commenced with the ever so popular, ‘Amazed’ – Lonestar, which was suddenly requested 2 minutes before the dancing started.

As a band, we thoroughly enjoy playing in a marquee. The sound is always magnificent due to excellent acoustics, we can get away with using our Haze Machine which definitely improves the atmosphere of any event, making it in to a very exciting party. Also, for the road crew, setting up and de-rigging is a dream come true, as you can always get the Band Truck right next to the stage, making life (and backs) a lot easier.

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