London Corporate Event

It was nice to be back at The Tower Hotel, Tower Bridge.
Mixed Feelings haven’t played there since 2012.
Once again, another Corporate Event held in the ball room with spectacular views of the bridge.
It was also nice to be teamed up with professional companies that the band work very closely with – Firebird Events & Ex-Events.

The client simply wanted a good party, with good music and good entertainment.
Booking Mixed Feelings was the right choice.
With Firebird Events providing all the production for the band, and Ex-Events actually recommending Mixed Feelings, it sure was a real good party.
Then client was delighted with the show, and impressed on how the band got people on the dance floor so quickly.
London is starting to become a nightmare to work in, with all the costs, charges and parking, but it is also well worth it, after providing a good show.
Hopefully this will be the start of more to come at this hotel, and we hope to see you there.

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