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It’s that time of the year again where Mixed Feelings perform and entertain at the wonderful and loving Children’s Charity – The Make A Wish Ball.
The Make A Wish Ball happens twice a year for Mixed Feelings, and every member of the band are so proud to be involved.
Always happening at both ends of the year, we have the Spring Ball to start with, and then the Winter Ball, which happens in November.

This year saw a different location to hold the event, after being held at the fabulous Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane for over 20 years; Mixed Feelings were given a warm welcome to party at the prestigious Landmark Hotel, Marylebone.
As always, a fun packed night with lots and lots of different entertainment and surprises.
A fantastic production crew with magnificent organisers were present as always.

Mixed Feelings had the privilege to share the stage with some amazing acts.
The casting of The Greatest Showman was just epic, followed by Boyzone member and West Life member, Keith Duffy & Brian McFadden, who have now joined forces to perform a little cabaret spot.
Big Ben from the group Phats & Small was also present to give an accapella version of the hit ‘Turn Around’ and the entire evening was hosted and presented by TV personality – Richard Arnold.

The ideal event for any dance band or party band, and a chance to let your hair down.
The charity received a magnificent amount of donations that night, and the entire place was just in party mode.
Mixed Feelings cannot wait until November to do it all again.

Prepare To Party!

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