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Mixed Feelings ‘Party Band’ is based in Hemel Hempstead, Herts. It is a great setting for the many wedding venues and banqueting suites situated around Hertfordshire. Apart from the obvious ones like The Grove, Shendish Manor, Tewin Bury Farm, Luton Hoo, Brocket Hall, and Sopwell House, our most recent event took us to a wonderful hotel – Pendley Manor.

Nice and local to Mixed Feelings and no more than 20 mins drive away. The history of Pendley Manor is quite fascinating too – Although Pendley Manor is now one of the most recognisable hotels in Hertfordshire, its story stretches back nearly 1,000 years and includes some famous names. The Manor dates back to the Doomesday Book, when it was confiscated in 1066 by William the Conqueror and passed to his brother in law, Earl Moreton. Jon de Angle, reputed to have been the first Member of Parliament, became the Manor’s next owner, before it was passed to the Verney family when Sir Robert Whittingham’s daughter married John Verney. The Verney family lived at the Manor for the next 150 years. The Anderson family then occupied the Manor for the next four generations, prior to it being inherited by the Harcourt family. Sir William Harcourt abandoned the Manor in the 19th century, having objected to the building of the railway. It was burnt down in 1835. Local landowner Joseph Grout Williams commissioned architect John Lion to build a new Tudor style Manor in 1872. He then occupied the Manor from 1875 until 1983, when the racehorse owner and commentator Dorian Williams sold the property to The Grass Roots Company.

Mixed Feelings performed at a joint Birthday Party and also wedding anniversary, all in one. A wonderful couple, and a great time was had by all. 25 years together, happily married and also their joint 50th party. Mixed Feelings would like to thank Pendley Manor for the great hospitality received, and also ‘Pedro’, the banqueting manager for making our night an easy one.

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