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One of many great things that MIXED FEELINGS provide for their clients is the option of having a discotheque in addition to the band. This enables us to cater for all of our clients’ musical requirements and tastes. It also provides a non-stop party atmosphere, with continuous dancing.

The MIXED FEELINGS DJ is there to start off the night and to get everyone warmed up. Depending on the length of the event, the DJ can cover the band’s breaks during set or costume changes and also play more music after the live show is finished.

At one of our recent gigs this package was a magnificent success. We were booked to play a joint 60th Birthday Party for two people at a nearby venue, where musical requirements were at the ambitious end of the scale.

Being a private birthday party, the age ranges of the guests were anything from the teenage years, right up to the grandparents’ generation, around 80 years old.

There was a huge demand for Soul & Motown, 70s Funk, 80s Disco and of course the current hits.

MIXED FEELINGS do pride themselves on their huge repertoire which covers a wide range of musical styles to please all. However, there are sometimes one or two songs requested that the band don’t play; by having the DJ present, we are able to solve these issues. It also covers all last minute, and on the spot requests.

The combination of the MIXED FEELINGS band with the Disco, chosen by our clients, really did make this 60th Birthday Party a very special evening.

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