Irish Wedding – Mill Hill Golf Club

Mixed Feelings are blessed to have a fantastic lead singer, Lee Reboul, who actually lives on Mill Hill Golf Corse.

Being an ex-golf pro, Lee has made many friends and acquaintances over the years in the club house bar.

On this occasion, Lee got Mixed Feelings a booking for a very wild and crazy Irish Wedding.

Mixed Feelings and the show, do have a rather healthy reputation to turning their hands toward anything.

As you can imagine, certain songs had to be played at the right time to get the crowd to go wild.

Being an Irish Wedding, a fair bit of alcohol was consumed, which just adds fuel to the fire when it comes to a wild party.

A very raucous evening with some fantastic typical Irish tunes thrown into the mix saw the dancefloor filled all night, and even had people spilling out on to the patio.

Mixed Feelings have enjoyed a few gigs at Mill Hill Golf Club, and all of them have been very fun evenings.

Perhaps it’s the golfers?

Prepare To Party!

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