ICC Birmingham

It was great to be back at the ICC Birmingham, and what a fantastic venue to really be let-loose in, and perform to a huge crowd!
MIXED FEELINGS were joined by the 1970’s group, ‘The Real Thing’, who took over from us in the interval.
They performed all their classic hits, and the energy in the room that night was amazing.
As a professional band, MIXED FEELINGS steered clear of the majority of the 70’s classics, as we were joined by a top 70’s act, where we discussed between ourselves on what songs to do and what not to do.
An event only lasts one evening, so why have duplicate songs being played?
The band started off the show with their up to date modern set, threw in a couple of the old party tunes, and then handed over to the boys.
We came back and performed our ABBA Tribute, went into a bit of the modern chart rock genre, and finished off with ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’, where the whole dance floor swayed away, arms in the air and singing along to the chorus.
1200 people singing at you is an amazing experience!

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