The Hilton Hotel, Park Lane

Always a pleasure, being invited back to perform at this wonderful venue in London. For the crew members of MIXED FEELINGS, it was an easy night for them, as we had the greatest help and assistance from a top Production Company, providing the band with all the sound, light and production. The Band got there nice and early as we love to arrive early, sound check, sort out any problems, and then take some time out to relax and think about the evening ahead.

MIXED FEELINGS also shared the stage with probably the best 60’s Tribute Band, ‘The Overtures’ who performed an amazing show. It was a pleasure to work with them again, and we look forward to “Rockin” with the boys again soon.
MIXED FEELINGS took the audience by storm and started off with a massive bang to get everyone up dancing within 10 seconds.
A fantastic Party, a fantastic Event and a big thank you to all those involved, making the evening go so smoothly.
We look forward to coming back next year!

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