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Halloween is always a bit of fun, wether you’re a kid or a fully grown adult, it still can be exciting. One thing about being involved in the music industry is that you get to play music that can only be played once in one year – and that’s what makes it fun. All the favourites like Ghostbusters, Monster Mash, Werewolves Of London and many more, can be played on one night only. Not only is it the music selection, but it is also the costume design and the dressing up which is unique.

Halloween 2018 saw Mixed Feelings reserve band – ‘Mixed Feelings Live’ performing at a public house in Hemel Hempstead, Herts. The Steam Coach Public House is owned by an eccentric landlord, Justin Peacock, and he really knows how to throw a good party. The pub is decorated from head to foot in cobwebs, spiders and ghoulish manakins and models all over the place – spooky sound effects and lightening crashes really do give the pub an amazing atmosphere.

Mixed Feelings really do put on a fantastic show and as a top party band, they really know how to entertain the crowd. With non stop dancing, and of course the bands resident DJ going on to the early hours, Mixed Feelings certainly made sure that fun was had by everyone.

A massive thank you to Justin and all the staff at the Steam Coach for having Mixed Feelings Party Band to come and entertain you, and hopefully next year, it will happen all over again!

Happy Halloween
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