The Grand Hotel Eastbourne

Mixed Feelings were booked for a double event over the weekend, consisting of the resident DJ to perform at the pre gala night, relaxed and casual drinks party, on the Friday, and then the band to perform on the Saturday.

It was a very busy weekend as DJ Greg, once finished at the party in Eastbourne, had to return home to reload the van, and then bring it back for the next party at The Grand Hotel.

The Friday Night saw DJ Greg performing at The Beach Deck, on the front of Eastbourne for a Corporate Event.

The weather was good, sun was shing at the guests looked great in shorts and t-shirts.

Saturday night was the Gala Night.

The Mixed Feelings 6X Band were booked to perform and also provided Up-Lighters to give the room a nice party atmosphere.

The Grand Hotel is not the easiest of hotels to access the Ballroom, but the band were fully equipped with a 4 man crew.

After a very successful party which finished at 1.00am, the big de-rig commenced and the van was loaded.

It was very nice to be performing on the coast, but getting home at 5.30am has a lot to be considered.

Once again, another perfect corporate event, with fantastic live music.

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