Outdoor Events and Garden Parties.

If you were to ask any musician or singer on what their favourite gig was, guaranteed the reply would be some sort of outdoor event.

Over the years, Mixed Feelings have done a few, and every single one has been memorable.

From Golf Course, Cricket Clubs, Football Clubs and Rugby Clubs, Mixed Feelings have played under the stairs at all these venues.

The band has been played on top decks of cruise ships, sailing through the night, and even in people’s gardens – Mixed Feelings have done it all, not forgetting Festivals. 

Mixed Feelings got a phone call from a guest at a party, where the band were previously performing 7 or 8 years ago.

The band were asked to play in the garden of a truly beautiful and amazing house to help celebrate a 50th Birthday Party.

With a mini festival stage provided, Mixed Feelings were in top form.

The band dressed accordingly to suit the weather and atmosphere, and had all guests dancing on the lawns.

Mixed Feelings hope the sun continues to shine and can not wait for the next outdoor event.

Prepare To Party!

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