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Today, the word ‘Function’ could be classed as being a little old fashioned. By today’s standards, the word ‘Event’ is far more popular and more commonly known.
Mixed Feelings for years were known as a Function Band, but today seems to have a lot more options when it comes to bespoke events.
So what ever you want Mixed Feelings to be at your event, Mixed Feelings can deliver, whether it be a Function Band, Show Band, Party Band, Wedding Band, Jewish Band, Event Band, Corporate Band or even a Pub Band – yes, Mixed Feelings have played in a few pubs over the years.

For the last 16 years, Mixed Feelings have been the main band for the London Association Of Funeral Directors (LAFD), it was 16 years ago that Mixed Feelings went from being a Function Band, to a Show Band, and now in 2019, the band is known as a modern day Party Band.
It’s always nice to be invited back to entertain the same crowd, and see so many familiar faces.
Obviously, over the years, some faces have come and gone, but its interesting to see the more younger and up and coming undertakers attending the party.

The LAFD event is always held in the West End of London, and venues often change.
The bands recent event with the LAFD was held at the Sheraton Grand, Piccadilly, aka The Park Lane Hotel, Piccadilly.
Always a nice venue to play in, and the band do get looked after.
As Mixed Feelings have been the main band for so many years, it’s always nice to work with the same old faces on such events.
Toastmasters, Photographers and Florists, seem to be the regular bunch that Mixed Feelings bump into often.

Thank you LAFD, and we hope to see you again.

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