Ford Motor Group

The Ford Motor Group, have been a massive fan base of MIXED FEELINGS, and always insist on booking the band back.
For Several years, we done Birmingham, London and Brighton, and we still continue to surprise our happy clients.
No mention of ‘Vauxhall’ at all …!

Once again, a lovely event, and a big thanks to our unforgotten member, DJ Greg who simply corresponded with the audience for their personal requests, to help make the night a very fulfilling and successful event.

Brian May’s ‘Driven By You’ always seems to be a favorite once the DJ has started. ( Remember the TV advert?)
A little bit of ‘Bhangra’, and some 70’s reggae, a bit of Northern Soul, and we are ready to party the night away.
We look forward to it again………….where ever it may be.
Thank you Ford!

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