[thesis_block type=”alert” header=”” content=”So what really makes a band #eventprofs or Event Professionals?
Is it just a case of turning up on time?
Is it just a case of wearing smart stage wear?”]

We at MIXED FEELINGS can 100% guarantee that the hash tag Event Profs, can go proudly with the band. You only learn professionalism with experience, and MIXED FEELINGS can boast several years of experience. Recently reinvented, the band is stronger than ever now, and the best it has ever been. MIXED FEELINGS will never fail to deliver a real party to the audience – that’s why you book the best, MIXED FEELINGS. Everything the band delivers to an event has been gone over with a fine toothcomb. Turning up on time, if not early to set up and sound check before the guests arrive.
Keeping a minimal appearance until going on stage to entertain without getting in the way of the days proceedings. Using only the best professional equipment, and only using the best singers and musicians. Having a very high professional attitude at all times.

Not only do MIXED FEELINGS deliver a real party, but also a highly professional approach towards the event.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


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