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A very popular line up these days, and also somewhat very trendy, is to have a DJ on stage along with other musicians and acts. Mixed Feelings call this our ‘Electric Experience’ but many other acts call it ‘DJ Live’. Mixed Feelings originally had no intention of copying anyone who were already producing this type of show, however a simple enquiry from a client gave us the opportunity to perform this hybrid combination. When performing with this combination, Mixed Feelings insist on putting in as much production possible, to really enhance the show, and to make the room look amazing and give it a night club feel.

Our Electric Experience consisted of DJ, a Sax player, Percussionist, and two singers, one girl and one boy. It’s always fun to perform this line up and keeps us all on our toes. Not only was it for dancing only, but the line up done a few different sets through the meal too. Our first half gave the audience some mellow style swing and jazz music, and the second set saw the band doing some chilled pop style music.

With this combination, nothing is impossible.

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