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Over the years, MIXED FEELINGS have probably done all the possible events imaginable.
From all Corporate Events, to Weddings, Anniversary’s, Birthday’s, Funerals, Winter Wonderlands, Beach Parties, Festivals and many, many more.
If an event doesn’t match the criteria of a Corporate Event, then it can only ever be a Private Party.

On our recent travels, MIXED FEELINGS performed at Harrow Rugby Club, to help celebrate the clubs, 125th Anniversary.
Obviously having a huge pitch, the event was held in a lovely marquee.
(We love a marquee)
Being a live band, the natural room acoustics of a tent are completely on our side.
All the sound produced is absorbed into the material. Not only the marquee material itself, but also the carpets, inner linings, star cloths, and the wooden stage.
You can even use a Haze Machine, which drastically increases the atmosphere and really makes it one big party.

The 125th Anniversary of Harrow Rugby Club went down in history as the best party ever on the clubs grounds.
MIXED FEELINGS have already been told, that the next event being held, will almost certainly involve the band.

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