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For some reason, this venue doesn’t take many bookings these days for big corporate bands or classic party bands. Years ago, MIXED FEELINGS were at this hotel at least 10 times a year, and seeing all the regular faces of the staff and also the crowds.

The Royal Lancaster Hotel, which is known now as the London Lancaster Hotel, was MIXED FEELINGS venue of entertainment recently.

Working on behalf of a fantastic agency, who also provided an awesome production crew, gave MIXED FEELINGS Party Band a truly brilliant night – What an event!

A fantastic set was built specially for the stage, and the lighting was just incredible. Featuring on stage with the band, was a new face and friend who was there to fill in for MIXED FEELINGS, as one of our regular singers had to have the night off due to being best man. It is a real sense of achievement when you can rely on other people to fill and MIXED FEELINGS does have a large pool of replacements.

With a 100% success rate, the crowd loved every minute of the blinding show provided. What a great crowd, a great event and an awesome band.

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