Constatine Bay, Padstow, Cornwall

This all started coming together 2 years ago.

MIXED FEELINGS Party Band, were performing way down in Hampshire for a lovely, and a very eccentric family to celebrate their wedding anniversary. I suppose we should be calling ourselves ‘The Wedding Band’.

The Band had to perform in a very remote, and very old country estate, to a very small crowd of no more than 90 guests.

Among those guests was a tall handsome chap called Mr Thompson.

MIXED FEELINGS performed a brilliant and an amazing show, and it all came to an end with our resident DJ performing a ‘Silent Disco’ from 11.30 – 12.30am.

For those of you who have never experienced a Silent Disco, we would highly recommend that you do……………………Strange!

18 Months later a Mr Thompson phoned the office and explained that he was a guests at this same event, and would like to book the best band he has ever seen for his massive 60th Birthday Celebration in Padstow.

To cut a very long story short, we found ourselves available to go to Cornwall 6 months later.

After several meetings in London with Mr Thompson and our Directors, we agreed on a date, price and show.

Flights had to be booked, transport had to be organised as well as accommodation, and everything else that goes with travelling long distance.

Mr Thompson kindly treated the band to come down early and enjoy Constatine Bay, all expenses paid.

Now this is where the fun starts…………………………..

The members of the Band had the luxury of flying down early, whilst the poor old crew had to drive down 1 day before the event.

Not forgetting that some of the crew were out till the early hours, performing at another event with our Discotheque.

After a 5.5-hour drive, the crew got there in one piece, met up with the members, singers and musicians of MIXED FEELINGS, where we were told to unwind, relax and enjoy the evening at the wonderful Treglos Hotel.

We most certainly did too; such a lovely and relaxing place and all catered for by Mr Thompson and his very king generosity.

Saturday morning, time to go to work!

The Crew set of very early, only to drive 1 mile away to get to the Cliff Tops of the bay, where they found an unusual looking marquee.

After 8 hours of rigging, setting up, sound checking, adjusting lights, a few rehearsals, fixing any problems, we were set to go!

Back to the hotel to shower and change, and then back to the gig to enjoy the party, as Mr Thompson repeatedly mentioned to us that we are his guests.

The band started off with a huge impact, and straight on with the party, which lead us in to the early hours of Sunday morning………….. 5.00am to be precise!

MIXED FEELINGS were joined on stage by The Drifters, who done a fantastic 45 minute cabaret set in the middle, and our DJ finished the night off going on from 2.15 through till 5.00am.

Sleep. Zzzzzzzzz

Back up at 8.30am for the crew to de-rig the equipment.

Then a painful drive home whilst the band members flew back in style, late afternoon.

As Mr Thompson said in his, ‘Thank You For Coming’ speech –

“There are UK Bands, and then there is MIXED FEELINGS, the best band I have ever seen. Sheer entertainment, pure quality and class. No other band I have seen are this good! If you want the best band, then look no further”

MIXED FEELINGS would like to say a massive thank you to Mr Thompson for having us, and for your very kind generosity and hospitality.

It certainly was a gig to remember.

Please remember Ladies & Gentlemen –

MIXED FEELINGS can adapt to any situation, giving you what you want.

We do not play to ourselves, and our experienced musicians and singers can accommodate all your wishes.

Thank you for reading


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