Clevedon, Bristol

A 5 hour round trip if you’re based in Hertfordshire. Traveling is all a part of the job being a professional Party Band. MIXED FEELINGS have been known to travel to Edinburgh and back in the same day. You just have to take the rough with the smooth in this industry. An enjoyable 2.5-hour trip around the M25, and then the M4, all the way to Clevedon.

The MIXED FEELINGS truck arrived in good time, and the crew began the stage set up. Playing in the Grand Hall at the Hotel was a delightful experience, and the staff were really helpful in accommodating us. The DJ got the music started with the Bride & Grooms music request of the opening dance, followed by all the wedding classics. After half an hour of dancing, the band took to the stage and got everybody ‘Rockin’. MIXED FEELINGS, with the DJ filling in the breaks, performed three 50-minute sets in total.

A great night, a great party and a great atmosphere!

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