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An incredible party was thrown for this event – Siobhans Charity Spring Ball 2018.
Mixed Feelings had a great time entertaining the crowd at this wonderful charity, all held in the magnificent ballroom of The Sheraton Grand Hotel, or otherwise known as The Park Lane Hotel, Piccadilly.
Hosted by Gaby Roslin, and also special guest Jonny Partridge (Christian from EastEnders), it really was an amazing night.

This is a brief story for the reason why Siobhans charity takes place –

Aged just 2, Siobhan became lethargic and was taken to her GP. After being referred to Barnet General Hospital, it was discovered she had a tumour. She was transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) where she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, a rare child cancer. Neuroblastoma is a very rare cancer and only 100 children per year are diagnosed in the U.K. Siobhan has undergone various treatments in the UK and to further her chances of a full recovery she needs a vaccine which is only available in America, but still has a long way to go! She is the bravest 2-year-old girl and is taking everything that this terrible disease can throw at her in her stride. High-risk neuroblastoma has a high chance of relapse; and relapsed Neuroblastoma has low survival rates. Relapsed Neuroblastoma is the most dangerous form of the disease. There is no standard relapse protocol for relapsed Neuroblastoma, which means clinical trials are often the only hope for many children. Such clinical trials are rarely available via the NHS, so where families wish to access this treatment, their only option is abroad, in the hope of helping them beat cancer. In the USA, there have been a number of trials with high success rates. The cost for the course of treatment, as well as the associated costs of travelling abroad to access it are estimated in the region of £220,000.

As you can see, it is a worthy charity, and Mixed Feelings were delighted to perform for this incredible event.
Mixed Feelings were professional as ever and made a few new friends.
Jonny Partridge singing with the band was fun!

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