The CGTA – Corporate Event

The CGTA have been desperate to book Mixed Feelings for their annual fundraising, and Christmas event.
It has been five years since the band last played for them, and they were so pleased to have Mixed Feelings back once again.
The only reason Mixed Feelings have not been involved with the CGTA, is purely because the band is always booked way in advance, but this year – they got what they wanted.

The Covent Garden Tenants Association (CGTA) was founded on 6th April 1922. Since then its mission has been to represent the “official voice of the tenants within Covent Garden market”.

Over the ensuing 88 years they have given unbiased legal aid, advice and counsel to thousands of market tenants, from fruit and vegetable sellers, to flower traders and the catering industry.
The Association’s activities have seen it negotiating with the Government, Unions and landlords. At all times they have been driven by the desire to represent the members’ best interests. They have also always worked closely with the Covent Garden Market Authority (CGMA) since its creation in 1961 and ensured that they have maintained a strong and productive working relationship.

Today, they represent the large majority of market traders, both in terms of number and turnover. Their current members form an integral part of the British food industry. The market’s annual turnover now exceeds £600 million and it provides 40% of the fresh produce eaten outside the home in the South East of England. In London, the market is a vital resource for the City’s restaurants, catering outlets, independent retailers and fresh food processors. Beyond these schools, prisons, hospitals as well as hundreds of small family businesses are amongst the diverse customers who look to and rely on the market to supply their fresh produce.

This years event was held at The Royal Lancaster Hotel, Lancaster Gate, London. Mixed Feelings are very familiar with this venue and are there at least 5/6 times a year. Mixed Feelings have also been performing at this venue for way over 35 years now, and long may it continue. Mixed Feelings would just like to say a massive thank you for having the band back again, and thank you ever so much for your patience in booking us.

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