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Mixed Feelings Party Band, are very well versed in the industry, and have had the privilege of sharing the stage with quite a few famous celebrities. The band recently performed at a Birthday Party, held at the Dorchester Hotel, to help celebrate the 50th of a remarkable lady.

It was highly important that Mixed Feelings, or anyone else working and performing there that night, not to mention ‘Boyzone’, as they were the surprise act. Not only Boyzone, but also Alexandra Burke done a great set too.

So Boyzone are currently starting their ‘Thank You & Goodnight – The 25 Year Farewell Tour’, and it was amazing to be sharing the stage with them. Mixed Feelings got the chance to briefly meet and speak to them, and they were a good act on stage, and made the birthday girl’s dreams come true. A fantastic surprise and a well kept secret.

Mixed Feelings performed with Alexandra Burke several years ago on a luxury cruise ship, in the Baltic Ocean.
Alexandra Burke must be one of the nicest people Mixed Feelings has ever met, with her down to earth attitude and a humble out look on life. She still remembers the band, and took the time to have a chat and a catch up.

The stage at The Dorchester looked amazing, all thanks to the amazing Outrage Events, who really went to town and done a magnificent job in creating a wonderful atmosphere.

As most Birthday Party’s go, this occasion will be up in the top 10.
A fantastic party, with a star stuck audience.

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