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Apart from Corporate Events, Weddings, Jewish Events, Charity Ball’s and Anniversary’s, MIXED FEELINGS excel in giving a good Birthday Party. With a Birthday Party, the client can get to choose certain music or songs to suit the mood or the theme. (Just like any other gig)

Our most recent Birthday Party saw the band perform at The Lansdowne Club, London, where Mrs Clayman was celebrating her 70th. Little did the band know,  Mr Clayman was originally Frankie Valli, and also The Jersey Boy’s Manager, now Neil Diamond’s as well.

MIXED FEELINGS would like to think that the band were recommended to the Clayman’s for their solid reputation of mixed music, and can turn their hand to anything thrown at them, unlike many other bands who rely on backing tracks and can’t switch songs.

A complete blend of 60’s and 70’s music all night, saw the party in to full swing. The venue was amazing, with high ceilings and so many different levels. The production laid on was outstanding, with a Moulin Rouge atmosphere, a 4 tier stage and fantastic effect lights. Of course, being married to Neil Diamond’s Manager, the band couldn’t help but do some of his biggest hits.

As the penultimate song, the band performed ‘America’ which lead into an encore of ‘Sweet Caroline’, which is ironic, as the Birthday girl is called Linda, however, that was exactly what they requested. A fun party, great atmosphere, and a wonderful audience.

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