Abridge Village Festival

What a fantastic gig this was!
48 hours ago, Mixed Feelings performed at the Abridge Village Festival, and they were on fire.
4 years ago was the last time the band were invited to perform there.
Mixed Feelings consistently done this gig for years and years, but 4 years ago, the committee decided for a change.
We don’t hold a grudge or get disappointed when previous clients decide on a change,
at the end of the day, we all do it when it comes to our car insurance, mobile phone provider, gas and electricity etc.
But one thing we do guarantee, is that you will always come back to Mixed Feelings.

The previous bands that performed at Abridge, were just not up to the standards the committee or audience were expecting.
Mixed Feelings had the place shaking within seconds, and held a packed dance floor all night.
Mixed Feelings drummer, ‘Ginge’ had to get off the kit and belt a Bon Jovi number out as the crows went wild.
A big thank you to our singer ‘Jonny’ for hoping on the kit whilst Ginger had the audience in his hand.

Mixed Feelings are so much looking forward to returning to Abridge next year – lets see what 2019 brings to the village!

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