A Little Quirky?

This event saw the band travel down to Hampshire, to a remote little village called Ecchinswell.
Rain isn’t really popular on the best of days, but when you are performing in a Marquee, it’s not popular at all!
After a wet get in, and a damp set up, the sound check took place.
MIXED FEELINGS adore working in Marquees, as the natural room acoustics are lovely. You can also use a Haze machine to enhance the lighting.
The sound was excellent, and the room truly did look superb.

The band were working for a brand new Event Company on this occasion, and we all made friends and got to know each other rather quickly.
The lighting set up that the company provided the band with was dynamic, and the hospitality they showed towards the band was lovely.
Our performance was aimed at a Joint 50th Birthday Party for Mum & Dad, and their sons 18th.
The Band were asked to dress ‘Quirky’ compared to our normal stage costumes, and to also throw a little bit of ‘Rock’ in to the look.
As you can imagine, a lot of fun back stage!

Having to entertain two age groups simultaneously is not a problem for the band, as we pick songs (old and new) and segue into one another.

Many happy faces and a ‘Blinding Party’!

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