21st Birthday Party

Mixed Feelings can do anything when it comes to producing an amazing show and performance.
From Jewish events, to Weddings, to huge Corporate events to outdoor festivals, Mixed Feelings certainly know how to adapt to any occasion.

The bands most recent gig was a 21st Birthday Party held down in Essex, at Woolston Manor Golf Club, for a rather special young man.
Barney Walsh, or as known to his friends and family as ‘Barns’, was the birthday boy on this occasion.
A little bit of a celebrity himself, and of course with a sir name like Walsh, you can guess who is father is – yes, the famous Bradley Walsh.

Barney being 21, was after a different sort of show and Mixed Feelings played all the favourites that he asked for.
A younger crowd, but also very mixed, saw the fantastic combination of Mixed Feelings Party Band, and the Mixed Feelings DJ turn up the temperature.
Non-stop music for over 8 hours really made the event an unforgettable party.

Booking a live band like Mixed Feelings Party Band really does go to show that no one goes home disappointed, and a guaranteed fact that the dance floor will be packed all night.

Even Bradley Walsh got up and had a boogie, and the threat of him singing a song never materialised, however, Barney and his friends and family, most definitely did have an amazing night.

Thank you Bradley and Barney for booking Mixed Feelings that made your night a very special one!

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