Jon Nicholls

Jon Nicholls Bandleader & Bass Player

Jon Nicholls Bandleader & Bass Player

Jon takes immense pride in his band and is proud to be the leader of a group of very talented, singers, musicians & friends that form the exciting show that is MIXED FEELINGS. Originally from Deanshanger, Northants ,where he formed his first band, ‘The Deanbeats’ in 1963. He went to Towcester Grammar School and joined the Metropolitan Police in January 1968, where he served in central London for 27 years – enjoying every minute of it – before retiring in 1995 to take up the bass guitar again.

He loves Rugby Football and closely follows the fortunes of the Northampton Saints. He also supports The Arsenal and goes to the Emirates when he is not gigging. (which is rare!)

Jon is also a successful author; ‘Cheerful Sacrifice’ (Leo Cooper 1990) The book is in its seventh edition and can be purchased on Amazon. He is also an experienced travel guide to the Battlefields of France & Belgium. Checkout Hampstead Pals.

He lives in Hemel Hempstead.