Greg Nicholls

Greg Nicholls - Stage manager, Sound Engineer & DJ

Greg Nicholls - Stage manager, Sound Engineer & DJ

A serious lot of hard work goes into producing a show for MIXED FEELINGS.

Literally, tons of equipment and lighting has to be carried into difficult West-End venues, up stairs and down stairs, when parking tickets are flying around. It’s the crew who are also still there at 3am when everyone has gone home. The bit in between is ensuring the show runs smoothly and everything works! This is where Greg comes in. He first came on a gig at the age of 5 to watch his Dad perform when MIXED FEELINGS was a club band. He left school at 16 and has been a professional Stage manager ever since.

Greg supports Liverpool Football Club although he occasionally accompanies his Dad to Arsenal. (Suspected closet gooner). He also runs his own DJ and production company, check out He is always included with the show as our ‘resident’ DJ.

Lives in Hemel Hempstead.