Charity Event

An incredible party was thrown for this event – Siobhans Charity Spring Ball 2018. Mixed Feelings had a great time entertaining the crowd at this wonderful charity, all held in the magnificent ballroom of The Sheraton Grand Hotel, or otherwise known as The Park Lane Hotel, Piccadilly. Hosted by Gaby Roslin, and also special guest […] Read More

Tribute Band

In 2016, Mixed Feelings went under a drastic change. Times were changing and the band needed to keep up with the modern look and sounds of this day and age. On a recent gig, the band were advertised as the old and the new version. It was a lovely experience to welcome back the older […] Read More

Turkish / Irish Wedding

It was the very first time that Mixed Feelings got the opportunity to play in this venue. The Regency Banqueting Suite, Tottenham gave us a warm welcome, and what a fantastic event it was indeed. Our wonderful clients held a half Irish, half Turkish Wedding for us all to enjoy. The venue itself is nice […] Read More

DJ Live

A very popular line up these days, and also somewhat very trendy, is to have a DJ on stage along with other musicians and acts. Mixed Feelings call this our ‘Electric Experience’ but many other acts call it ‘DJ Live’. Mixed Feelings originally had no intention of copying anyone who were already producing this type […] Read More

Wedding Celebration

Over a year in the making it took to organise this fantastic wedding day celebration. From the music requests, to the rooms ambient lighting, all details, requests and demands were covered. Mixed Feelings can quite happily boast the amount of equipment owned, and there is not a lot the band can’t achieve. Unlike many other […] Read More

London Band

London is well known as being a vibrant city, and Mixed Feelings do enjoy a good gig in London. Park Lane, Mayfair, Piccadilly, are always exciting places to be, and Mixed Feelings were only at the Park Lane Hotel, Piccadilly only recently. A great gig for a fantastic organization, which Mixed Feelings have been entertaining […] Read More

Bar Mitzvah Band

Mixed Feelings are more than qualified to put on a great party for an exciting Bar Mitzvah! Over the years, the band have performed and entertained at all of the top Jewish venues, ranging from London, Manchester and Leeds. The bands most recent Bar Mitzvah Party was held at a hotel in Waltham Abbey. Mixed […] Read More

Wedding Band

We certainly had a wonderful time entertaining the Bride & Groom, Josh & Yulia at Mulberry House, Ongar, Essex. The crowd were amazing and the dance floor was packed all night. MIXED FEELINGS got a lovely warm welcome and also some fantastic feedback 48 hours later. MIXED FEELINGS, other than being a high energy Party Band, also […] Read More

London Party Band

Gigging in London certainly does have its privileges. Being on the circuit and getting around the local area is a real eye opener, and a fantastic opportunity to experience weird and wonderful things. Only recently, MIXED FEELINGS had the honor once again to perform for the wonderful staff of Harrods. This year, Harrods chose to […] Read More

The ‘Ben Ball’ Charity

Back once again at The Grosvenor House, Great Room, London for the amazing ‘Ben Ball’, which MIXED FEELINGS have been booked back for year after year. Ben is a not-for-profit organisation that partners with the automotive industry to provide support for life to its people and their families. As an independent charity, the tailored, holistic […] Read More

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