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Spring Party

Mixed Feelings recently enjoyed a fabulous party in aid of the Berkhamsted School PTA. It was the spring ball, and what a fine ball it was. Mixed Feelings have been doing the Berkhamsted School Events for the last 4 years, where they have all been held at the school itself, however this year was slightly […] Read more

The London Charity Band

It’s that time of the year again where Mixed Feelings perform and entertain at the wonderful and loving Children’s Charity – The Make A Wish Ball. The Make A Wish Ball happens twice a year for Mixed Feelings, and every member of the band are so proud to be involved. Always happening at both ends […] Read more

Band For Birthdays

Mixed Feelings perform all over London, all over the UK, Europe and worldwide, entertaining crowds of people that simply want to party. Covering all events from corporate, to private parties, Mixed Feelings put on a good show that always guarantees a happy client. Mixed Feelings were last seen partying the night away at a lovely […] Read more

London Function Band

Today, the word ‘Function’ could be classed as being a little old fashioned. By today’s standards, the word ‘Event’ is far more popular and more commonly known. Mixed Feelings for years were known as a Function Band, but today seems to have a lot more options when it comes to bespoke events. So what ever […] Read more

Mixed Feelings – The B Team

Our Party Packages are designed to suite and tailor for everyone’s needs and requirements. Mixed Feelings only offer bespoke options and choices to our clients. Budget is the biggest involvement when it comes to running and organizing an event, and Mixed Feelings are here to help. Mixed Feelings had a really great time performing locally […] Read more

Jewish Wedding Band

Mixed Feelings have done a fair few Jewish Events over the years, and can undoubtedly hold their own when it comes to the order of events and music. Mixed Feelings have been entertaining people for over 40 years now, and a high percentage of gigs done, have been Jewish Events. From Jewish Weddings, Bar Mitzvah’s […] Read more

The London Party Band

The Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, is no stranger to Mixed Feelings. Having gigged and been performing at this venue for over 30 years, we certainly know this venue inside out. Having made friends with staff members, past and present, it’s almost like being home from home. Mixed Feelings were even asked to do the Staff […] Read more

Bands For Corporate Events

Mixed Feelings has been a rather successful band and business over these last few decades. Since day one, Mixed Feelings has always been busy and popular. With huge amounts of history and experience behind Mixed Feelings, it’s hard not to make friends along the way. Making friends with big professional Event Companies, Production Companies, Corporate […] Read more

Birthday Celebrations In Style

Mixed Feelings Party Band, are very well versed in the industry, and have had the privilege of sharing the stage with quite a few famous celebrities. The band recently performed at a Birthday Party, held at the Dorchester Hotel, to help celebrate the 50th of a remarkable lady. It was highly important that Mixed Feelings, […] Read more


At the end of 2017, Mixed Feelings were handed a sponsorship. Now as we start the very beginning of 2019, lets take this opportunity to reflect and talk about it. Mixed Feelings would like to say a massive thank you to our sponsor, Brendan McNicholas, for his kind generosity. It has been an amazing 12 […] Read more

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