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We at Mixed Feelings can 100% guarantee that the hash tag Event Profs, can go proudly with the band. You only learn professionalism with experience, and Mixed Feelings can boast several years of experience. Recently reinvented, the band is stronger than ever now, and the best it has ever been. Mixed Feelings will never fail […] Read More

Festival Theme

Mixed Feelings are based in Hemel Hempstead, Herts. Our most recent event took us to our local town of Berkhamsted. The band, have been doing this event for the last few years now, and on this occasion, we had to change our game plan, and organize a festival type theme. Completely different from what the […] Read More

Party Band? Yes We Are!

Less than 48 hours ago, the Band were down in Brimpton, Reading, performing for a family event. No particular reason, just a good old-fashioned party with family members and close friends. What a raucous party it was indeed. Mixed Feelings have been very good friends of the family, and for the last 6 years the […] Read More

The Odney Club

It has been a few years since the band played here last. The Odney Club in Cookham, Berks, is a cracking venue set on the River Thames. Easy access and easy to park is always a bonus. Our recent gig here was an 80th Birthday Party for a lovely lady called Jill. Her son, Paul […] Read More

Party In Park Lane, London

The Hilton Hotel is a very prestigious venue to play at. Mixed Feelings get the pleasure to perform here at least 8 times a year. We love to play here, as the Ball Room is an amazing size to encourage more audience members to attend. Having a large Ball Room also means a Big Stage. […] Read More

Corporate Events & Private Parties

Over the years, Mixed Feelings have probably done all the possible events imaginable. From all Corporate Events, to Weddings, Anniversary’s, Birthday’s, Funerals, Winter Wonderlands, Beach Parties, Festivals and many, many more. If an event doesn’t match the criteria of a Corporate Event, then it can only ever be a Private Party. On our recent travels, […] Read More

Party Band in the UK

Traveling the UK is always fun. It’s always nice to go to new places, meet new people and make new friends. Our recent activities took the band to Norwich, Norfolk. Our good old friend from the past, Roger De’Courcey (and Nookie Bear) was the booking agent, and he provided the band with a fantastic gig. […] Read More

It’s Not All About The Size

Mixed Feelings offer clients various packages to suit individual needs and requirements. From a smaller band, to a bigger band and not forgetting our unlimited production and effects, we guarantee our clients will be happy. Only recently the Band were booked to perform at a 50th Birthday Party at a lovely little venue called Coworth […] Read More

The Right Band For The Event

For over 9 years now, Mixed Feelings have had the privilege to play for the LAFD (London Association Of Funereal Directors). As you can imagine, there are a few comments made by people who find out about this gig on social networking sites. Jokingly, we get asked, “What’s your opening song – Going Underground?” or, […] Read More

Smooth As Silk

One thing that Mixed Feelings can boast is the severe quality of the team. With our top class musicians, and awesome singers, the music just flows naturally. At least every 12 months, the band likes to change their set to keep up with the times, and to not do a repeat show on a returning […] Read More

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